Bad Credit? No History? No Problem. Atlantic Dodge has the Solution to Meet Your Needs

Are you one of the many consumers with your eyes set on your next set of wheels, but you're worried about your credit score and history? At Atlantic Dodge, we're proud to serve our valued customers throughout Nova Scotia. Whether you reside in Glasgow, Truro, Antigonish, Amherst, Tatamagouche, Guysborough, or surrounding areas of Nova Scotia, our ability to find flexible financing options help you make your next purchase are second to none. Let's take a moment to learn more about what we can do to help you.

How Does Financing a Car Work in Canada?

Have you made up your mind that you want to finance your car? If yes, here is what you need to understand how car financing works in Canada. Car financing is based on three major components that you must consider before entering any car financing agreement in Canada. These components are:

Interest rates

Car financing allows you to receive a lump sum that you will repay in installments. The interest rate charged will determine the amount you will repay and is dependent on a number of factors. The main factor that most creditors consider when determining the interest rate you are charged on your car loan is your credit score.

Repayment terms

The repayment terms are a vital component of your car loan. The longer the repayment period, the higher the interest you will pay. The repayment terms are determined by factors like the amount of your car loan, the interest rate, and the repayment period. All these factors determine your monthly car loan payments.

Length of term

In Canada, the length of car loan repayment is usually between 36 months and 72 months based on your financial institution. When you choose a more extended repayment period, you will enjoy lower monthly payments. If you choose a shorter repayment term, you will be charged higher monthly repayments.

How to Finance a Car in Canada

Do you have a bad credit score and cannot find a suitable car financing for you in Nova Scotia? If yes, you should not worry because we offer car financing for clients with bad credit scores. We are a bad credit car dealership that serves people looking for financing specialists in Atlantic Canada. Our process is easy, you just need to complete our secure online finance application, and you'll be one step closer to purchasing your next new vehicle.

Some of the reasons why you should trust us for your car financing need are:

  • Hassle-free car loans in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia: We are a leading bad credit dealership that serves the residents of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. You can trust us to make your car financing straightforward and convenient for you.
  • Access to Maritime car loan in Amherst, Nova Scotia: At our dealership, we not only offer car-financing services but also offer our clients access to maritime car loans.
  • We serve clients with low or bad credit rating: As a dealership, we acknowledge that many people with low or bad credit scores have challenges accessing car-financing services from conventional financial institutions. We are determined to make reliable car financing services accessible to Nova Scotia residents, and you can trust us to support you regardless of your credit ratings.
  • You work with a reputable car dealership in Nova Scotia: It would be best if you chose our car financing services since we are a reputable bad credit car dealership in Nova Scotia. We also serve people looking for the best car loans in Sackville, Nova Scotia.
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    Are you looking to finance your car through auto loans in Nova Scotia? If you are, get in touch with our finance department today. Our car financing is available to everyone regardless of his or her credit score ratings. You can also trust us to offer you the best car loans in Sackville, Nova Scotia. Feel free to browse our select new inventory online and find the car that best suits your needs. Then complete our online financing application and be sure to contact our customer care today and inquire about our hassle-free car loans in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.